Karen Sweeney 

"I received the shocking news of Stan Saleski's passing with a phone call from one of our mutual co-workers. I could not believe it. 

The second shock of hearing that he took his own life was ironic to me since Stan was such a people person and always upbeat whenever we talked. So unexpected. 

When Stan would call the office, he would always remember something personal about me and ask me about whatever it was and how it was going. 

He had a great sense of humor, and every year during Spring Training--when we talked--he would tease me and ask how many times I had eaten at Don and Charlie's in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Much of our last correspondence was regarding the House of Bread charity that feeds the hungry. He was so grateful when he asked for baseball-related items to donate for their auction. 

And I miss how he greeted me when he called me Sweetsie or Sweets."